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The design is made from weaving the gold and silver strings with the Persian silk brocade.

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The Paisley pattern motif is believed to have evolved out of a stylized plant form (or maybe a vase with flowers) and is found in seventeenth century Indian cashmere shawls.Vector paisley pattern free - We have 15167 Vector paisley pattern free Free Downloads in Ai, EPS, SVG, CDR formats. paisley, paisley, pattern, pattern, floral pattern, floral pattern, paisley back.

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Paisley pattern is an old design which originated in Kashmir.Strangely enough, paisley is often compared to details in a fractal.You could make squares (size depending on the print size) and just sash them with a color that goes well, cream, black or whatever.

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Paisley (design) Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin that resembles a twisted teardrop.This pattern sometimes called as Persian pickles in some countries.Another opinion, expressed by Sam Willis in the 2016 BBC TV series The Silk Road, is that the symbol originated from the city of Yazd.

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This is a fun jacket to knit, with borders and different patterns in the front and back pieces.

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Such designs are very popular in the western countries in the 18th and 19th centuries.The pic above is a photo of a notelet with a paisley pattern in olive, brown and beige colours.

Traditional indian style, ornamental floral elements for henna tattoo, stickers, mehndi and yoga design, cards and prints.Paisley, with its delicate swirls, whether the fabric is dark or light, looks like the quiet, shy pattern in the land of fabric, telling a regally romantic story.The most important thing to match is the color, not so much the pattern.Paisley (design), an ornamental Persian pattern or motif commonly identified with the town of Paisley, Renfrewshire, in West Scotland.Ancient Babylon in present day Iraq is claimed to be one place of origin of the paisley form, possibly dating back to 1700BCE.Mango seeds traveled with humans from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America beginning around 300 or 400 A.D. Title The paisley pattern, developed in India, is based on the shape of a mango.The artwork was used for the fashion accessory collection of headscarves.

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Generally paisley is defined as a pattern using the butaa or droplet shaped vegetable.

Paisley Patterns A set of 25 patterns that can bring your design to the next level.I think one of my very favorite patterns to do on a cookie is the Paisley pattern.Swirly Paisley Swims This is a paisley pattern in red color with swirly design.Paisley is actually a family of similar designs (in ties, below).

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